Historic Attractions

It’s not only about where we are going, but also where we have been, and the City of Yucaipa is a perfect example of preserving its past while embracing its future. For over 1,000 years Yucaipa Valley was home to the Serrano Indians. Springs and creeks running out of the San Bernardino Mountains, which provided the Natives with water, food and the ability to harvest year round, watered the fertile valley. As California began developing various communities in the 1800’s, Yucaipa laid a foundation for its early beginnings.

Yucaipa Valley Historical Society

The Yucaipa Valley Historical Society is a California nonprofit, public-benefit corporation, founded in 1977 and incorporated on July 25, 1984. The Historical Society was incorporated to preserve the history of Yucaipa Valley and be a repository for collections, artifacts, records, pictures, and writings that depict the valley’s history. Several museums within Yucaipa document the history of the community.